The Peace of Heaven


About The Peace of Heaven

What would it be like to receive a whisper of God’s voice amidst the busyness of the world in which we live? As you press into God with an eager heart full of anticipation, know that He is always there to share His heart with you.  He longs for you to sit in His presence.  “The Peace of Heaven” is just what you will experience as you read these words of hope, love, and encouragement.  You will find that God loves you just the way you are and wants you to experience His peace everyday.  I encourage you to read with an open heart and you will hear that still, small voice come alive in your heart.


Years ago when I was at a Christian women’s retreat, the speaker asked us to take out a piece of paper and write on the top, “Dear Daughter”. He asked us to write down what we felt that God was sharing with us. At that moment it was as if the floodgates of heaven opened up and a dam burst open. My pen took to paper with words pouring out one after another. I could barely keep up with the thoughts that were taking shape into a love letter that was the beginning of a new way I would communicate with God ~ listening and allowing God to share His love with me. As I poured my heart out to Him on paper, He would respond in loving kindness.

I came home and typed up those words, printed them out on fancy paper and bound them in a folder.  It felt like one of the greatest gifts I had ever received. I felt loved of God. I felt special. I had received a treasure that deeply touched my heart. This was something I could read and reread whenever I needed love and encouragement.

In the midst of many life challenges I began writing words of encouragement for others. I would allow the love of God to pour through me in writing so others could be touched by God in a personal way. My dear friend, Robyn, would encourage me to write while I was undergoing my own trials. She wanted me to focus my attention on giving to others instead of focusing on my struggles. It always worked because I received the greater blessing as I heard back how those who received my words of encouragement were blessed. 

The times I write are precious moments I spend with the Lord. I quietly listen to that still, small voice and words of hope, love, and encouragement pour out as if they are coming straight from the heart of God. His love for us is profound. There are many ways the Lord speaks to us. These words are simply an expression of the love that I believe God holds in His Heart for each and every one of us. It is my prayer that these words lift your spirit and bring hope to your heart.

Love in Christ,

Dana Howard

7 thoughts on “About The Peace of Heaven

  1. Beautiful. Hopeful. Needed. Thank u. God bless u.

  2. God’s perfect timing for me to continue growing under dynamic leadership…thank you!

    • Thank you for your note, Cynthia! May God greatly bless you and bring you comfort and peace in ways you’ve never even imagined. His mighty hand is upon your life and He will always lead you in the way you should go. – Dana 🙂

      • I am asking extra prayer for my daughter Chante who is struggling to find balance in this awful world. She turned 14 last Saturday and she continues to battle between responsibility and self respect…trying to be a crowd pleaser among kids who are lost as well. Please help me keep my honor roll child by praying with me for her. I am a single parent who is standing firm but grows weary at times because the weight of the world is so heavy and falls upon me. Thank you so much and again i appreciate your words of encouragement, enlightenment and God preserverence.

      • Hi Cynthia! Thank you for sharing! I will definitely keep you and Chante in my prayers. You are a strong woman to be a single parent – that takes a lot of courage and strength. I pray that the Lord gives you new wisdom and insight into this situation and that He continues to protect you and your daughter, bring you comfort and be your Great Provider. Much blessings to you this day! Thanks again for reaching out! – Dana 🙂

  3. Thank you!

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