The Peace of Heaven


Treasures of Heaven


Gerbera closeup

Today I am with you to lighten your load. I want to take you to the next level, into a deeper relationship with me. I am drawing you into my heart. Can you hear my call? I have so many treasures of heaven I am going to deposit into your heart as you come spend time with me.

Lift all your worries and concerns up to me. I want to help you to do this. In your mind’s eye, picture your concerns and then envision lifting up those pictures to the heavens. I will reach down and take it from you. With that visual imagery of giving your burdens to me, that should help you with your faith and increase your hope in me.

It is a new day! Rejoice and be glad in it! Lift your voice up with praises to me! I am thrilled when you sing to me from the deepest place of your heart. I am with you to day for you to lean on . Draw on my strength that is within you, for I reside within your heart.

Good tidings to you, Beloved Child. I love you beyond compare!

Psalm 57:11 (The Passion Translation)

Lord God, be exalted as you soar throughout the heavens. May your shining glory be shown in the skies! Let it be seen high above all the earth!

2 thoughts on “Treasures of Heaven

  1. Dear Lord, thank you for your love. Thank you for dying on the cross for me. Thank you for the strength. Lord, may you support me in my everyday needs. May God bless the Peace of Heaven. Amen.

  2. Very uplifting and feeling so blessed!!!

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