The Peace of Heaven


Be at peace this hour

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ImageDearest Beloved Child, I know you are longing for closeness to me. I know you have been seeking after me and looking for the path I have laid out for for.  It is right before you, just wait on me. I am with you and am leading you down the right path. Just the fact that you are seeking after me is enough – that is what I ask of you right now.  Be strong and courageous. Keep pressing forward in your journey to my heart and I will pour over you blessings like you’ve never experienced before. You are doing well. You may not see the end from the beginning right now, but I do, and I am taking you by the hand now and will show you the way. Be at peace this hour. I am right by your side.

Psalm 21:6

Surely you have granted him unending blessings and made him glad with the joy of your presence.

One thought on “Be at peace this hour

  1. Thank you Lord for watching over me. I really need youf guidance. Please support me financially. Give me strength, joy, and peace. May God bless us.

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