The Peace of Heaven


Take my hand today and let me lead you beside still waters

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reach out handDearest Beloved, you are my precious one. I look upon you with great admiration. As you call upon my name, I am there. I never leave your side. When you doubt, come to me and I will reassure you that all will be well. You are in my care and I have charged my angels to watch over you and protect you. Be not weary this day. Though the road may be rough and obstacles are in your way, you will make it to your destination, to a place where you and I will never be apart.  There is no division in my Kingdom of heaven. There is only unity and Oneness with your Creator.  I am standing strong on your behalf and my prayers are always with you. Take my hand today and let me lead you beside still waters. Rest in my love and I will show you just how much I love you. A new day is dawning, a day of new beginnings and joy.  You will make it through this. Just hold my hand and keep me near to your heart. I will never let you down. Things may not always go as you had planned, but just remember – I have a better plan for your life. All will be well, this I promise you.

Psalm 91:11

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways

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