The Peace of Heaven


A Love Letter from the King to a Broken Heart


refiners fireDearest Beloved Child,

I know and understand your pain. I want to thank you personally for your faithfulness to me. You are building up storehouses of treasuries in the heavens every time you call upon my name, every time you sing my praises while you walk through the storms of life. Rest your weary head upon my shoulders and I will comfort you. You are chosen, Beloved, for a purpose far greater than you could ever imagine. What you bare here on earth by grace through me will be multiplied infinitely as unspeakable joy in heaven.  This life you live is a blip on the screen, a blink of the eye in comparison to your eternal resting place where you will be free of heartache, pain and discomfort.  Eternally you will experience unfathomable peace and ultimate freedom. Keep this in mind during your sufferings.  I come to bring you new hope this day. It will not always be this difficult. You are in the Refiner’s Fire. I am purifying your heart and washing you with holiness. You are my dearest beloved treasure and I call you friend. I can trust in your faithfulness toward me and this will take you far in my Kingdom.  I will lift you up to a brighter day. Just continue to press into me and you will make it through. In time, you will hardly be able to remember how difficult it has been for when I completely set you free, I will mend any brokenness within you. I send you my love this day. Reach out and receive it. You are forever in my arms.

Your Jesus of the Refiner’s Fire 

Isaiah 48:10

Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.


6 thoughts on “A Love Letter from the King to a Broken Heart

  1. Ty dear Lord. I will treasure these words n my heart, holding them close, pondering them. I will praise U, Lord, for U r worthy of praise.


  3. Thank you, Dana Howard. May God give you more joy and courage as well as your family members.

  4. May our Lord continue to shower you with His blessings and love as you have touched many! “A love letter from the King ” was an answer to prayer from the throne of heaven!

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