The Peace of Heaven


When your children have strayed away

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iStock_000001954108_ExtraSmallMy child, I understand the loss you are feeling in your heart when your children have strayed away or no longer remain in contact with you. What I ask of you is to continue to hold them up in prayer. The prayer of a parent for a child is powerful for the love connection runs deep. Release them into my hands during your prayer. Confidently trust that I will watch over them, guide them and protect them. Because my children have free will they often times stray away from me and fall into many temptations that can send their lives spiraling downward. When the enemy gets a foothold on them sometimes it can even take years for these precious souls to make a comeback – and sometimes they never do which is such a devastating thing for a parent who loves their child. You can try to speak wisdom into their lives and love on them the best you know how, but they are ultimately responsible for the actions they take. Do not allow the enemy to crush your spirit making you think you have failed as a parent. You have not, my child. You may have made mistakes along the way, all my children do. You have not failed because you have not lost hope and continue to lift them up in prayer. Keep your chin and keep following after me.  I know you are patiently waiting even though you may feel impatient.  Love is patient, my child. I have heard every cry of your heart regarding your children and I go to my Father on their behalf for you because you remain faithful to me. Continue trusting in me and keep your hope alive. What may be impossible for man is possible with me. Draw near to me and I will bring comfort to you in your sadness and loss and will fill that void with my love. Your faith is increasing and your spirit grows stronger each time you lift up a prayer for your children, even if you do not see the result you are hoping for. Each prayer of your heart plants a seed of righteousness that draws you closer to me. I capture every one of your tears and hold them in my heart. I am here to bring you comfort now. Rest in me, sweet child, just rest in me.

Isaiah 49:25

 I will contend with those who contend with you, and your children I will save.


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