The Peace of Heaven


I have come to set you free


Man on top of mountainOh, how great is my love for you! When your world is falling apart all around you turn your eyes toward your Maker. I will pick up the shattered pieces and put them back together in perfect order. You have battle wounds from all the pain and heartache that you have experienced – I know this. But there is a hope you have in me to restore and rebuild your life to a state that was better than it was before you entered into your great trials. I am sending my greatest warrior angels to fight on your behalf – to slay the enemy and put him under your feet. The enemy may at times get a foothold on you but as you call upon my name I will loose you from his grip. Every time you utter my Word from your lips walls will start to fall down before you giving you access to the mysteries of my Kingdom that will guide you and enlighten your mind to the truth that will set you free from the bondage you have been in. Be not weary, my child, be courageous and boldly walk into new uncharted territories that I am giving you access to you as you spend time in my presence. New hope I am sending your way to help build up your spirit and bring you new strength to face your daily battles. It will not always be this difficult for you to overcome the enemy for I am teaching you the way, the truth and the life every time you turn your eyes toward me.  Rest assured I will go before you and make your path straight.  Be encouraged this day and know that I have come to set the captives free – I have come to set you free. You will be victorious for I have already won this battle you are facing – in time your victory will manifest itself in your life and you will behold my greatness and come to understand more clearly how much I love you. I am your Comforter.  I am your Provider.  I am your King and Savior and I am bringing you into a new day where you will feel my presence in new and mighty ways that will enable you to help others who are going through similar battles. My peace I give you this day. Rest in my love. My love conquers all.

Romans 8:20-22

For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.


4 thoughts on “I have come to set you free

  1. Wow. Ty im forwarding to my daughter kelli. In His care Melanie

  2. this is good for those people that are really loosing hope. God is giving as encouragement and
    inspiration to fight for the trials.

    • I pray these words do give that needed encouragement that help people as they experience trials in their lives. I know personally I need encouragement from the Lord – He is always right there beside us! 🙂

  3. Praise you Almighty God & my savior Jesus Christ (y) Amen ❤ God is good all the time…

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