The Peace of Heaven


I will be there to help and guide you


iStock_000020196156_ExtraSmallBeloved child of my heart, I am with you to the end. I am in the midst of all your circumstances. I am a shield about you. Never once do I slumber when it comes to looking after you. I keep a watchful eye upon you at all times. Think of a storm. I stand in the eye of the storm, the peaceful center, that place where you can be with me in the midst of the storm as you give all your anxieties to me. I am the peacemaker. I go ahead of you on your behalf and clear any pathway that may be obstructing your advancement in my Kingdom. Let me take you by the hand and lead you up a new path to the mountain top, to a new level where I can speak to you in those quiet places where you rest with me. Upon the mountain you shall see things at a new vantage point. At times the winds blow and the clouds sweep in so that as you are scaling the mountain, you can no longer see the mountain top. It is in those times you need to put all your trust in me; for as you do, I will take position in your life as your mountain guide. You do not have to see the end from the beginning to continue upward on your journey. I am always there right beside you. At times you will feel confident enough to climb and move forward on your own as you walk in my wisdom. At other times, you will need to hold my hand. Wherever you are on your journey, I will be there to help and guide you.  I am calling you to the mountain top where you will be able to see things the way I see things and receive new wisdom, insight and understanding. Come forth! Be courageous! Be encouraged! Come and follow me and I shall give you rest.

Psalm 139:10

Even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.


The Peace of Heaven by Dana Howard p.99

2 thoughts on “I will be there to help and guide you

  1. God wants us to trust in him. Even big storm will come we still can pass through it.

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