The Peace of Heaven


Forgive others who have done you wrong


ForgiveBeloved sons and daughters – behold, I bring you a new day! Rise up with a new fervor to praise my Holy name and be a light unto the darkness.  As you stand before me – I will pour over you new insight and revelation into the mysteries of my Kingdom.  As you take in all that I long to share with you, it will draw you closer to my heart.  There is not one place better to be than in my presence.  It is in my presence that the heavens open up upon you and light your path.  The angels are singing my praises in your midst every time you call upon my name. Be not weary of doing good for great is your reward when you extend a helping hand and bring your love to others.  My love for you is like a consuming fire that keeps on burning brighter and brighter with greater intensity as each minute passes.  I love you more and more every moment of your life that goes by. I am loving you into my eternal Kingdom.  If only those people with hardened hearts would heed my call upon their life there would be so much more goodness in the land. What I ask of you this day is to turn away from evil and choose to do good.  Forgive others who have done you wrong and great healing will take place in your heart and bring you freedom from your current internal struggles that battle within your heart and mind.  If you cannot find it in your heart to forgive everyone, not just some – then come to me, ask me to help you and I will soften your heart. Be light as I am light and it will be well with your soul.  I will always show you my love – I give it to you pressed down, shaken and overflowing. Rest in my love this day and you will experience peace. My refreshing rain will heal any brokenness inside.

Matthew 6:14

For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.


2 thoughts on “Forgive others who have done you wrong

  1. Thank for sharing your thoughts and prayers on FB. You truly are an inspiration to me and I love to share some of your posts, if that’s ok? I have a lot of heartache and pain in my life, but I find that I sometimes complain more than pray. Thank you for loving the Lord as much as you do and share that love with me. May God bless your blog and your posting, and this ministry He has blessed you with.
    Rita Haen

    • Thank you, Rita, for your thoughtful words – that means a lot and encourages me as well. Absolutely feel free to share my posts anytime! Praying the Lord brings you comfort and peace as you weather this storm and that you find joy in the midst of the heartache. Many blessings to you this day. Thank you for writing! – Dana 🙂

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