The Peace of Heaven


It is I who am carrying you through

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iStock_000024142534_ExtraSmallIn the midst of your trials I will come along beside you and carry you through. You do not have to carry your burdens alone. Allow me to lift them from your shoulders and bring you to a new place with me. I am the one that will never leave your side. I am the one that will show you the way to go. I am the one that will never disappoint you. I know you have been disappointed many times in your life by others. You have also experienced the effects of what you may see as failures. You are not a failure. You are an overcomer. You keep on going even despite the circumstances you are facing. How is it that you are able to make it through these rough times?  It is I who am carrying you through. I am breathing my breath of hope within you. You may not even realize that it is I who am moving within you to make it through the day. I want for you to know that even when my children do not come to me, I still move on their behalf. You do not have to come to me for me to be with you for I am always with you. It is the desire of my heart that you come to me because I want to teach you new things about yourself and life that will help you grow and mature in your faith. Draw near to me this day and I will draw near to you. Be content in the little things. Be thankful for the blessings I send your way. I send you my blessings just because I love you and want you to taste and see my goodness. I look forward to every moment you call upon my name. Go now and walk into this new day with fervor to be a light unto my children and to brighten someone’s day. I will give you what you need always.

Psalm 63:8

I cling to you; your right hand upholds me.


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