The Peace of Heaven


I do hear the cries of your heart


California poppy - Eschscholzia californicaMy child, does your heart feel heavy laden? Do you need help to get out of the circumstances you are facing? Do you know loved ones that are enduring hardship and pain?  Then come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest.  I will help you to weather any storm that comes your way.  I am here to bring a calming peace into your life as your turn your heart toward me.  Do you wonder how I am going to get you out of this painful trial? Do you have doubt that it’s ever going to end? Are you losing hope and faith because you are not receiving the answers you ask for in prayer?  Fear not, for I am with you this hour.  I do hear the cries of your heart.  I do feel your pain and discouragement.  I do know that you are asking me for help, to heal you and to restore you.  I know this and what I want to share with you this hour is that you have not been forgotten by me.  What you may not realize is that as you continue to call on me during your trial – I am strengthening you.  Your story will bring encouragement to others in the days to come for you will one day realize that I have never left you nor forsaken you.  What I ask of you this day and in the days to come is to turn to my Word – steep yourself in it.  Even if you can just hold on to one scripture that speaks to you – trust in me and I will show you the power in just that one simple verse.  Keep me near to your heart. I hold you in the palm of my hand.  I will make a way where there seems to be no way. Be confident that what you are going through ultimately has a perfect purpose though you may not understand it right now.  I am pouring upon you this moment my love.  Receive my love with open arms.  Receive my forgiveness and don’t look back but keep moving forward and looking up to me. I am with you and I am for you. Love me as I love you and you will indeed make it through this storm.  My peace I rest upon you now.  Rest in me and keep on believing and holding onto hope for a brighter future.  It is coming, yes, it is on it’s way as you hold steadfast to me. I will love you through this.

Psalm 143:1

Lord, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy; in your faithfulness and righteousness come to my relief.


6 thoughts on “I do hear the cries of your heart

  1. Thank you Dana, your testimony was inspiring and ‘I do hear the cries of your heart’ is just what I needed to read today. Thank you for being faithful to God and sharing your heart 🙂

  2. just found your site thank u so much

    • You’re very welcome! It is the joy of my heart to share of God’s love! Praying you are filled with peace beyond measure this day and everyday. The Lord is always standing by your side cheering you on to victory! 🙂

  3. Going through anger issues with my dad who did things in the past that were damaging and hurtful, including physical abuse a lot. My 3 sisters take his side, but how can you love and respect a man when after my mother passed away I read in her private diary that he raped her on numerous occasions. We won’t even get into the other physical abuse and mental abuses he inflicted on all of us. It seems my sisters have developed amnesia suddenly about all the things I am mentioning here. I am trying to forgive, but I am finding it very hard to do so.

    • Hello, Jack. Thank you for sharing! I am so sorry you had to endure so much hardship. I don’t have the same story but dealt with abuse on many levels. What I do know is that God will heal the pain, brokenness and hurt inside you. He will wash away your anger with His love. He will open your heart and allow forgiveness to come flooding in. All you can continue to do is to keep lifting it up to the Lord, let Him lift this burden off of your shoulders. Allow Him to replace the hurt with joy and the anger with His peace. Lifting up a prayer for you now that God does a mighty work within your life through all of this and that you will be a living testimony of the power of God to restore your life to wholeness. Keep on hoping and trusting – God will come through for you, His love never fails. In His Love, Dana

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