The Peace of Heaven


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I will work with you as your teammate and coach

teamDearest Beloved, I know you have a lot on your plate right now. Come to me and I will work with you as your teammate and coach. I will help you accomplish your tasks this day. Do not worry, we’ll get through this together. When anxious thoughts race through your head, turn to me. I will remind you that you can do all things through me.

As you go about your day, remember to talk to me. Share what’s on your heart – your worries, your concerns, your doubts. I will refresh your spirit and build your confidence. I will guide you to my Word that will help strengthen you. Be of good cheer this day! There may be a lot going on, but you’re not in this alone. We’re a team and together we will accomplish my perfect will for your day.

Deuteronomy 28:11 

The Lord will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands.

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Remember the Rose

roseMy Beloved Child, Here I am in your midst. I stand right by your side. Take me by the hand and let me show you new things, things you’ve not yet considered. There are many paths to take in life but there is one perfect path that I have chosen for you. The path you are on may be difficult, but trust me that I will lead you in the right direction as you continue to look to me for guidance. The path you are on may be filled with thorn bushes and weeds which is making it challenging to walk forward. Do not lose hope, for on the other side of the thorn bush is a beautiful rose. I will show you how to find the rose. Do not cast your thoughts forward worrying about the future. Rest in the present where I am speaking to your heart. Tomorrow will be here before you know it, but today is where I want to teach you new things. I want to talk to you about the trial you are going through and help you to understand how keeping your faith in me while going through challenges is drawing you closer to my heart. It is in these times that I am molding you into my image and likeness, perfecting your heart. Have hope, My Child. This suffering is only temporary; remember the rose. The pain will pass and a new day is on the horizon. Rejoice in your hope; there you will find joy amidst the sorrow. Rest in my heart now and I will bring you the comfort your heart is longing for. My peace I am singing over you now. Embrace it with arms wide open.

Psalm 25:4-5 (The Passion Translation)

Lord, direct me throughout my journey, so I can experience your plans for my life. Reveal the life-paths that are pleasing to you. Escort me along the way, take me by the hand and teach me, for you are the God of my increasing salvation. I have wrapped my heart into yours!

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Never have I been so proud to call you my beloved

pink flowerMy heart leaps with you every time you come running to me! I have so much love and goodness to pour into you. Receive my love with arms wide open. I am wrapping a blanket of love and perfect peace around your heart this day. Do not fear what lies ahead. I already have a plan. I want you to rest here and now, in the presence of my love. Let me sing words of grace and mercy over your heart. Let me fill your mind with good thoughts. Let me shine a light in the darkness and fill you so full of my love that you are ready to explode with your heart on fire to love others. In your darkest hours, I have held your hand and wiped your tears. When you have been afraid, I have held you in my arms and protected you. When you are worried, I speak to your spirit words of peace that quiet your soul. Never have I been so proud to call you my beloved. Arise, my beloved and come away with me! I want you to see the world through my eyes. I will be with you today. Just take my hand and walk with me and talk with me. I’ve got everything under control. I am perfect love and I love you beyond compare.

Psalm 66:5 (The Passion Translation)

Everyone will say: “Come and see the incredible things God has done; it will take your breath away! He multiplies miracles for his people!”

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Fearless Faith

iStock_000015676634_ExtraSmallPsalm 27:1-3 (The Passion Translation)

The Lord is my Revelation light to guide me along the way He is the Source of my salvation to defend me every day I fear no one! I’ll never turn back and run, for Lord, you surround and protect me. They will be the ones who turn back. My heart will not be afraid even if an army rises to attack. I know you are there for me so I will not be shaken.

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God will achieve your most unbelievable dream!

iStock_000003999704_ExtraSmallEphesians 3:20 (The Passion Translation)

Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you.

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Unshakeable Faith

tulip1Psalm 62:5-8 (The Passion Translation)

I am standing in absolute stillness, silent before the One I love; waiting as long as it takes for him to rescue me. Only God alone is my Savior, and he will not fail me. For he alone is my Safe Place, His wrap-around presence always protects me, as my champion Defender; There’s no risk of failure with God! So why would I let worry paralyze me even when troubles multiply around me? God’s glory is all around me! His wrap-around presence is all I need, for the Lord is my Savior, my Hero, and my life-giving strength. Join me, everyone! Trust only in God every moment! Tell him all your troubles and pour out your heart-longings to him. Believe me when I tell you – he will help you!

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You are forgiven

143Dearest child, do you know that you are forgiven completely when you come to me asking for forgiveness? Do you really believe that you are? I have washed you as white as snow. I have cleaned the slate so that you may begin again fresh and renewed. Why do I forgive you? The answer is simple ~ because I love you.

As you walk through your days with everything that a day holds, you are bound to fall because you are human. But you are destined to rise up again as I have first risen for you.

Do not be ashamed to come to me for there is nothing to hide. I already know what you are going through in your thoughts, your actions, and in your heart. By coming to me for mercy and acceptance, you will find that I am indeed merciful and fully accept you in every way.

Baring your heart and acknowledging your sin before me opens up a window in your heart where the sin flows out and a renewed spirit flows in.

Sometimes it is difficult to face your own sin but you do not have to do it alone. I am always here as your friend ready to listen and receive, wash, and redeem.

Do I forgive you? Yes. I always will as you seek my face and turn your heart toward righteousness. Be confident in this truth.

I forgive you.

Psalm 32:5 (The Passion Translation)

Then I finally admitted to you all my sins, refusing to hide them any longer. So I said, “My life-giving God, I openly acknowledge my evil actions.” And you forgave me! All at once the guilt of my sin washed away, and all my pain disappeared!


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